You might not have noticed yet, but it’s actually Spring. And in Spring, every bird lays an egg!

Julie Watson, physics teacher at Grindstone Elementary school in Manchester, United Kingdom, knows this very well. Every year she takes her class of pupils out on a bird watch trip to the Lake View district in Northern England, in order to witness various species of birds breed their eggs.

During the past years, Julie became increasingly frustrated by the fact that she could not actually have her students watch inside the nests of birds that live in tall trees, such as crows, doves, magpies and owls.

Julie commented: “There are so many interesting things going on up high in the trees, but during the past years we couldn’t get a glimpse of them. I once had a pupil who climbed into a tree and almost fell out of it, and I don’t want something like that to happen again.”

However, last Christmas, Jacob, one of her pupils, told Julie that he received a SkyMate helicopter from Santa Claus, and that he loved using the helicopter’s on-board camera to make movies.

Julie: “I immediately saw how great it could be to use this helicopter and its on-board camera during my yearly bird watching trip. It would finally allow us to watch the nests of birds living in tall trees.”

Julie couldn’t wait for Winter to pass by and Spring to arrive to try out the SkyMate helicopter.

However, Spring did not only bring eggs. It also brought Sky Whirlies’ new remote control toy helicopter, the SkyBeetle.

So, yesterday, it was finally the moment to try the new SkyBeetle.

Julie: “It was really amazing. We were able to fly the SkyBeetle helicopter right above the nests in tall trees, and then watch the little birds. My pupils have never been this enthusiastic. The Sky Whirlies helicopters truly open up a new world for my pupils. It makes my classes so much more tangible.”

Next year, Julie will definitely go to the Lake District again, and she will bring her helicopters again. “I asked the school’s director to provide every pupil with his or her own helicopter. That would really make the experience truly unique for everyone.”


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