Sky Whirlies is commited to bring the best experience to all children under all circumstances. As an expression of gratitude to the medical team and all volunteers that are working very hard to make the stay of every child at the Queen Fabiola Children Hospital as pleasant as possible, Sky Whirlies donates to Kid's Care 5 euro for every SkyBeetle purchased during the month of June..

05/31/2013 8:40am

Thanks to SkyWhirlies I'm able to continue to finance my therapy!!!

06/01/2013 11:59pm

Rob-O-Toys congratula​tes Sky Whirlies with their Fundraisin​g Initiative for Kid's Care.

Rob-O-Toys congratulates the colleagues from Sky Whirlies with their efforts on Social Responsible Entrepeneurship.

We are happy that the best practices on CSR of Rob-O-Toys are being picked up by other colleagues.

Welcome in a more sustainable world.


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